At some time in your life you will want to give up work while maintaining an income, and by calculating how much you need early on, it is better for long term growth.

















In April 2015, the tax rules were changed to give people greater access to their pensions. Drawdown of pension income is taxed at marginal income tax rates rather than the previous rate of 55% for full withdrawals. The tax-free lump sum continues to be available. In order to support your decision, we can help you make the choices that reflect your needs in retirement.


There are six options available, including leaving the pension pot untouched, purchasing an annuity, getting an adjustable income (Flexi Access Drawdown), taking cash in chunks (Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump Sum), cashing in the whole pot in one go or mixing any of these options together.





If you have a Pension and would like a review, or perhaps have Pensions in different places and would like to bring them together, then we can take care of this for you.


If you have a larger fund of around £250,000 and are looking to reduce fees or would like to see if there is a better option in regards to fund selection or performance, then please get in touch.


We are independent and can tailor a solution to your requirements, whether you are looking at a SIPP or looking for services from a DFM (Discretionary Fund Manager).


Whatever your position or size of fund we have the perfect solution for you.